Pinot Camp

Pinot Camp

For the Pinot Noir fanatic

If their go-to is Pinot Noir, this set features small-production Pinots that range from delicate to big and rich.

Belle Pente | Pinot Noir - Chipper, easy-drinking, and gorgeously aromatic. Wild strawberry and with a hint of teriyaki jerky makes you salivate and come right back for more.

Beckham Estate | Pinot Noir - Zesty cranberries, rhubarb, and herbs. This wine has this invigorating wild cherry, red currant, and pomegranate, but then it’s also got a forest thing going on with some wintergreen, tarragon, and cinnamon.

Say When | Pinot Noir - Big, rich cola flavors on this classically California Pinot Noir. Tons of dark berry, cocoa, and cinnamon in a fountain vanilla Coke.

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