Holiday Gift Set | Dolcetto & Charcuterie Kit

Holiday Gift Set | Dolcetto & Charcuterie Kit

A DIY wine & food pairing experience

A classic Dolcetto begs for salty and snackier foods. We’ve paired this classically delicious Dolcetto wine with a complete charcuterie pairing kit featuring a selection of our favorite gourmet foods.

Nada Giuseppe, Dolcetto d’Alba - Like violets jumping out of the glass, plums soaked in blackberry jam and dusted with cocoa powder, this wine has a memorably soft, dusty texture. The tannins pair beautifully with salami and the wine’s bright acidity are a perfect match with tomatoes. 

Wine Pairing Box - We’ve curated a box of food pairings to help explore the different flavors in this delicious Beaujolais. Each box includes a deliciously cured salami, rich and succulent sun-dried tomatoes, an exquisite fruit spread, thin wafer crackers, crystallized ginger, and melt-in-your-mouth salted caramels. We’ve included a few notes on how these items highlight different notes in the wine.


Wine: Dolcetto


Wine: Piedmont, Italy

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