Old World Winery

Old World Winery Rise

A cloudy, orange delight

One of the first wineries committed to natural winemaking in this region, Old World Winery has been making wine the ancient way. Embracing the wild character of unfiltered wines, native fermentation (using only the wild yeast present on the grape skins and stems), skin-contact (the process that makes this wine orange), these guys have cultivated modern flavors from an ancient method. This juice is pure natural goodness, tastes like sunshine and flowers. The blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Colombard (a perfumed white grape from Southern France) make for a punchy, slightly funky, bruised apple, taffy delight. We’re sipping this at every brunch.


Sauvignon Blanc, Colombard


Russian River Valley, California



$ 23


Delicious With

Much like the Meinklang Mulatschack, you can be bold when pairing food with this wine. The wine is still, not sparkling, so it will coat the tongue a bit differently. The beautiful marriage of tannins, fruit, acidity, and funk, gives this wine everything to complement some very complex flavors and spice. Experiment with curry, fermented foods like Kimchee, or something with a little spice like your favorite Thai or Indian dish. There’s no wrong answer here.

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