Old World Winery

Old World Winery Bloom

A chillable, harvest punch

A chillable red made from a different blend of grapes every year. Inspired by the harvest, this wine ‘blooms’ into a fresh, lean, brambly, herbal and energetic blend.  It tastes faintly wild, but doesn’t stray far from its likeable, punchy core of cherry (more tart than dark), red fruit and spice. We’re super into this wine and will be sipping it, slightly chilled, while the cooler weather sets in.

Serve chilled.


Abouriou, Pinot Noir, Merlot & Chardonnay


Russian River, Sonoma, California



Our Best Advice

Every year is a new chance to try this wine

Delicious With

Serve as a cocktail wine to get the night going, then with and after the meal. The fresh tart acidity is a nice complement to heavier dishes – sausages, pork belly, ribs, or any darker succulent meat. Really fun with spaghetti bolognaise with all the meaty slow-cooked umami flavors. Also great with greens topped with dried fruit and goat cheese for a lighter pairing.

Their Cred

Darek Trowbridge is one of the OG Cali natural winemakers - having made low-intervention wine in Sonoma for 20 years, way before it was a thing.  In fact, he named his winery ‘Old World’ because he’s all about a return to the old world methods of his grandfather Lino Martinelli (of Martinelli wine/cider fame), who started making wine in the early 1900s with no technology or chemicals.  Darek adds nothing to the wine except a minimal amount of protective sulfur before bottling. He directly farms or manages the farming for all the vineyards he works with and uses just his own feet to stomp the grapes. He doesn’t use temperature controls in the cellar and feels strongly that using only the native yeast from the vineyard is the best way to express the natural beauty in that wine.

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