Old Westminster
You are my sunshine

Old Westminster You are my sunshine

A pink lemonade cocktail

Oh well hello, sunshine! This delightful little wine is only 5% ABV, making it the perfect cocktail spritzer for the holidays. This is a Piquette, a very old style of wine, traditionally made for the vineyard workers during harvest. The grape must, or pressed grapes from the initial wine making process, is blended with water and naturally refermented  to make a very light and low alcohol wine. This one is then blended with Verjus, which translates to green juice, a tart fresh juice made from green grapes pressed early in the harvest season before they have fully ripened.

So think of this as the perfect pink lemonade - both tart and sweet to make the most refreshing drink. And it’s got a bit of fizz to keep everything light as the sunshine.


Verjus, Piquette Blanc, Piquette Rouge


Westminster, Maryland



Our Best Advice

Have at two bottles on hand - it goes down easy!

Delicious With

This wine really doesn’t need food, as it’s perfect on its own, served chilled in the glass. But, it’s also great with any kind of fruit element like pomegranates or cranberries, or with anything mildly creamy like Baked Brie. The slightly sweet, effervescence also complements charcuterie like prosciutto and spiced salami. 

Their Cred

Started by three siblings in Westminster, Maryland, this operation is legit and enviably fun! The brother is the farmer, one sister is the winemaker (female winemaker!), and the other sister is the general manager of the business - they obviously have a great time together. Actually, their mom and dad planted the vineyard and started this winery in 2008, as a reason to bring the kids home and keep the family tight-knit through a business they could run together. Their plan worked. Together they have created a wildly inventive portfolio of wines, using centuries-old techniques, and bringing back styles that have long been forgotten - like this gorgeous and quaffable Piquette. They are putting Maryland wine country on the map. And it looks like their having loads of fun doing it!

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