Old Westminster
Take Me Home

Old Westminster Take Me Home

A beautiful wine and cider marriage

This blend of cider made from local apples and Chambourcin, a grape variety native to France, but now almost exclusively grown in the mid-west region, is meant to drink all day long. It will take you back to more colonial days, where apples were juiced with a wooden press and grapes were foot-stomped. Earthy, with a slight punch, a light fizz, and a grainy finish. Like heirloom tree fruit with some funk. This tastes like winter bounty under a sunny sky and crisp cool air.


Cider, Chambourcin


Westminster, Maryland



Our Best Advice

Enjoy this at sunset in your most antique goblet

Delicious With

Best served chilled. A great drink for cheese and charcuterie with all the jam and salty fixings. A perfect sandwich wine that cleanses and refreshens. It’s like fresh, pressed juice with all the unfiltered fun and a zippy bright finish. 

Their Cred

Started by three siblings in Westminster, Maryland, this operation is legit and enviably fun! The brother is the farmer, one sister is the winemaker (female winemaker!), and the other sister is the general manager of the business - they obviously have a great time together. Actually, their mom and dad planted the vineyard and started this winery in 2008, as a reason to bring the kids home and keep the family tight-knit through a business they could run together. Their plan worked. Together they have created a wildly inventive portfolio of wines, using centuries-old techniques, and bringing back styles that have long been forgotten. They are putting Maryland wine country on the map. And it looks like their having loads of fun doing it!

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