Prosa Rosé

Meinklang Prosa Rosé

Wine spritzer’s hippy cousin

Prosa is a noon-ish wine. It goes down like a pool slide - super easy. It’s for your home-projects day, to sip in the kitchen while cooking, or any backyard patio situation. From a biodynamic farm where the wines are native yeast fermented, unfiltered, and meant to burst with unbridled flavor, this wine is a wine spritzer’s hippy cousin.

**Serve Chilled**


Pinot Noir, Blaufränkisch, Zweigelt


Burgenland, Austria



Our Best Advice

Enjoy in the daylight

$ 17


Delicious With

This is a really fun one to pair because the Pinot Noir can stand up to big umami flavors, while the wine is still super light and refreshing. Try to match the berry flavors with jam or dried fruit – like a salad with fruit, dried fruit and pine nut stuffing, or compote on top of a creamy pâté.

Their Cred

Meinklang is a family-run biodiverse farm. They aim to create a natural and stable habitat that regenerates the land, while nurturing their livestock and crops. This adherence to nature’s cycles yields wildly compelling wines of incredible value.

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