Meinklang Mulatschak

A naturally wild wine

If you’ve had an Orange wine, you may have had or heard about this one. It’s totally worth the hype! Grown on an organic and biodynamic farm set in a World Heritage Site, this wine is pure, funky, juicy goodness. Made entirely of white grapes, this wine spends five to seven days soaking in its skins, which is what leads to the orange color, funky fruit, slight yeastiness, and soft tannins.

Mulatschak is apparently a word of Hungarian origin meaning funky and raucous entertainment – enjoy accordingly!


Pinot Gris, Welschriesling, Traminer


Burgenland, Austria



Our Best Advice

Forget the rules with this one!

Delicious With

Be bold when pairing food with this wine. Because of the beautiful marriage of tannin, fruit, acidity, and funk, this wine has it all and will complement some very complex flavors and spice. Experiment with curry, fermented foods like Kimchee, or something with a little spice, like your favorite Thai or Indian dishes. There’s no wrong answer here – only endless enjoyment and apparently a little raucous.

Their Cred

Meinklang is a family-run biodiverse farm. They aim to create a natural and stable habitat that regenerates the land, while nurturing their livestock and crops. This adherence to nature’s cycles yields wildly compelling wines of incredible value.

This Season’s Styles

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