Burgenland Red

Meinklang Burgenland Red

Adult juice box

For when it’s hot in the kitchen, or you just need something quick with a convenient screw-cap. This is the perfect red to keep in the fridge and pour a glass for yourself while you cook dinner. Casual, easy drinking, dry, light finish, and best enjoyed chilled. Biodynamic and organic, this wine is clean, low alcohol, and deliciously flavorful. 

**Serve Chilled**


Zweigelt, Sankt Laurent, Blaufränkisch


Burgenland, Austria



Our Best Advice

Keep a bottle in the fridge

$ 15


Delicious With

Paired with pungent and spicy, or mild and fruity flavors would work well here.  The naturally low tannins in these grape varietals allow this wine to support other flavors, without competing. Also, this is a fantastic pre-dinner sipping wine for the chef. 

Their Cred

Meinklang is a family-run biodiverse farm. They aim to create a natural and stable habitat that regenerates the land, while nurturing their livestock and crops. This adherence to nature’s cycles yields wildly compelling wines of incredible value.

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