Village Cabernet Sauvignon

Matthiasson Village Cabernet Sauvignon

Classic 80’s-style Napa

A Cab that will make you fall in love, or discover Napa all over again. In the 80’s Napa Cabernet (and Chardonnay) were competing on a world stage – with France to be exact. In blind tastings, Napa wines were showing the complexity, finesse, and power that only wines from older winemaking regions where thought to give. Then a shift happened.  The “full” potential of the Napa climate became clear and wines were extracted to the max. They became bigger, fuller, higher alcohol, and very popular for this new style. For the past 20 years, Steve Matthiasson has been bringing restraint back to a small cohort of the region. He is known as the farming consultant for any winery in Napa that’s moving back towards this original, elegant style.


Cabernet Sauvignon


Napa, California



Our Best Advice

A perfect weeknight Cab

Delicious With

Steak is an obvious one here, but the range is large here for any hearty protein. The tannins in Cabernet help break down (or you can think of it as tenderizing) the proteins in meat, fish, or cheese – even something as pungent as a bleu cheese. The effect is a softening of the proteins and a lessening of the astringent tannins. What’s left is all the bursting fruit and spice flavors of the wine and nuanced flavors in your food. Although steak is a slam dunk, even this pairing rule is contested, so it’s best to try different combinations and discover your favorite combo.

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