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An ancient way to make funky wine

This Riesling is aged in amphora, large clay vessels used to make wine as far back as 6,000 years ago in Georgia. The porous clay allows for some oxygen to enter during the aging process and deepen the flavors in the wine. Both the practice of skin-contact fermentation and the amphora aging give this wine its distinctly orange color and ripe flavor – think bruised apple or stone fruit. Using wild yeast as part of its fully organic, ancient wine style. It’s funky the way kombucha can be. Sour, tart, earthy, and oxidized.

**Serve Chilled**




Štajerska, Slovenia



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$ 25


Delicious With

Play around with earthy flavors with this one. Mushrooms, pork chops, olives, wild rice, root vegetables. The skin contact seems to gives these wines a more rustic flavor, so keep the dishes savory and experiment with anything that reminds you of farm or forest. 

Their Cred

Matic is a young, motivated, and thoughtful winemaker. He is part of a younger generation of winemakers not satisfied with the status-quo. While he understands and respects the history and methods passed down from his grandfather, he is also not afraid to take chances and think outside the box.

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