Pequeños Rebentos
Vinho Verde

Pequeños Rebentos Vinho Verde

Ocean breeze in a bottle

If you’ve ever had a light, refreshing Vinho Verde (typically in a tall, greenish tinted bottle) this is a step up from that! This is a vacation in the bottle with all the upgrades. It’s a trip to the beach, feasting on mountains of fresh seafood and raw oysters by the dozen. If you have the travel bug and need to crank up the heat in your house, throw on a beach cover-up and imagine the sound of waves crashing - this wine will take you there. Clean, refreshing, and still powerful enough to transport your palate to a different place. This wine is not frivolous – it’s serious about its warm weather vacations in the winter.




Vinho Verde, Portugal



Our Best Advice

Best while dreaming of your next beach vacation

Delicious With

Mountains of fresh seafood, sushi takeout, seared tuna on the grill. Great with lime, so ceviche, or any foods cured or covered in citrus. Chips and salsa is another great partner for this wine. Make or buy a great, fresh, chunky pico de gallo and make it dinner.

Their Cred

Márcio Lopes studied as an engineer, but cut his winemaking teeth working for two years with Vinho Verde master Anselmo Mendes in Melgaço. He then traveled to Australia where he made wine in Rutherglen and Tasmania, another cool climate region. He returned to Portugal in 2010 to start his own projects, including Pequeños Rebentos in Vinho Verde. In 2016 he started to vinify the local varietal, Loureiro. His winemaking is low intervention, he ferments using natural yeasts, and he believes that if the fruit is good enough he will make quality wines with balance that reflect his terroir without any other additions. This is clearly working - his wines are distinctively fresh and vibrant, showing bright and clean and crispy.

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