Lu + Oly
Flowerhead Rosé

Lu + Oly Flowerhead Rosé

Poolside, sundrenched companion

There is a tropical vibe to this one – like the base for a strawberry, peach daiquiri – although it finishes dry, it’s really quenching and a bit punchy. This side project of Mark Ryan Winery in Washington State is the perfect intro into warmer months. We wanted something light, bright, and super friendly to officially open Rosé season, so here she is folks!


Sangiovese, Merlot, Syrah, Grenache


Columbia Valley, Washington



Delicious With

The juicy fruit character in this wine stands up to big flavors like dishes with tons of garlic, olives, salty tapenades, anchovy, pimento, and saffron. The bright acidity from the Sangiovese is great with tomato dishes, so try this one with a fresh gazpacho for a perfectly light meal.

Their Cred

Lu + Oly is a side project of Mark Ryan Winery in Washington State. They make a small production wines. They source from sought-after vineyards and make wines that represent the richness of the Washington State style. They started their journey in 1999 with a few tons of grapes in a friend’s garage. That first vintage sold out quickly, and it’s has been a wild ride since. The artwork on the Flowerhead Rosé label was created by Kyler Martz, an illustrator and tattoo artist in Seattle, Washington.

This Season’s Styles

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