Lucien Jacob
Crème de Cassis (half bottle)

Lucien Jacob Crème de Cassis (half bottle)

Divine droplets of blackcurrant syrup

Have you ever had a cassis? (aka blackcurrant.) It’s utterly divine – like a black raspberry married a tiny tart grape and made what looks like a small cranberry. This traditional French liquor is an outrageously flavorful, intensely sweet, syrupy liquor made with cassis fruit, sugar, and distilled alcohol to intensify the strength. Serve slightly chilled as a sticky sweet after-dinner treat. Pour over ice cream, cheesecake, or decadent chocolate cake for a huge upgrade to your favorite dessert topping. Or add to a sparkling or still white wine to make a traditional Kir Royal or Kir cocktail.


Cassis (Blackcurrant)





Our Best Advice

Don’t miss out on the dessert wine of this holiday season

Delicious With

Everything and anything chocolate! Also incredible with all the creams (whipped cream, ice cream, cheesecake). Add a touch to your favorite dry sparkling or still white wine for a gorgeous and festive Kir cocktail.

Their Cred

Domaine Lucien Jacob originally specialized in growing cassis and framboise (raspberries), but soon expanded their land to include vineyards. Today, they are known for producing many quality wines, but still release their traditional fruit liqueurs. Crème de Cassis is a blood-red, sweet, black currant-flavored liqueur. It dates back to the 16th century, first produced by monks in France as a cure for snakebites, jaundice, and wretchedness. This cordial works well as an after dinner treat or in a cocktail. In France, it is often mixed with vermouth, white wine, or soda water.

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