Los Bermejos
Diego Seco

Los Bermejos Diego Seco

A true island food white

Made from a native grape variety, Diego, from the Canary Islands right off the coast of Morocco, this wine is seco (dry) and baked in sunshine and sea spray. Grown in volcanic soils in a dry region of the islands, there is a distinct saltiness and a gorgeous silky, fruity hint of olive oil on the finish. While this wine has texture, it’s also insanely mineral – like a good Fleur de Sel. The volcanic island terrain is unmistakable in the taste.




Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain



Our Best Advice

Save and reuse the gorgeous bottle

Delicious With

Sardines off the grill. There is a bit of a debate in our house about how common sardines are in the US (they aren’t), but they should be! Fresh sardines from a good fishmonger, simply dredged in olive oil and Herbs de Provence, then grilled over a barbeque are perfection. The canned variety, from a good producer, packed in oil, makes for a wonderful cocktail snack topped on toasty bread brushed with garlic and chili flakes (if you’re looking for a kick).

For all the non-sardine people (of which it appears there are many), pair this with your favorite oily fish like cod, sea bass, or a good rich salmon. Also delicious with creamy pasta dishes, anything with garlic, and fresh vegetables.

Their Cred

Los Bermejos is a winery located on the island of Lanzarote (closest to the African coast) in the Canary Islands. Conditions are extreme, the porous black soils are entirely volcanic. This winery makes this incredible white wine made from the native Diego grape. Fermented entirely with native yeasts, Los Bermejos is passionate about preserving the land, the native varieties, and showing the true power and elegance of these wines.

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