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Liquid Farm Rosé

Like a wine bottled directly from the earth

This wine taste like it’s been bottled right from the earth.  Like when you try a carrot or a strawberry from the farmers market for the first time – it doesn’t come close to the grocery store variety. Apricot plucked right from the tree, earthy peach skins, and berries from a briar. There’s a slight saltiness that tastes like it must come from a dry vineyard baking in the Santa Barbara sunshine.




Happy Canyon, Santa Barbara, California



Delicious With

This wine is inspired by and distinctly Mediterranean, so it loves tapas, grilled vegetables, charcuterie, and Mediterranean seafood (think sardine, anchovy, or cod). It’s also a lovely pairing with BBQ and an array of spicy food. Mmmmm, paella with this is excellent.

Their Cred

This rosé comes from a small producer making mostly small batch French-inspired Chardonnay. But, an obsession with Bandol Rosé (Rosé from a small area of the Rhone, made entirely with the Mourvèdre grape) led them to experiment with a small amount of Mourvèdre grapes from the famed Vogelzang vineyard in the Happy Canyon district of Santa Barbara.

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