Light & Bright

Light & Bright

Crisp whites that last from cocktails to dinner

Perfect for anyone that loves their crisp whites! These wines will serve well at cocktail hour and pair beautifully with a wide range of foods.

Kontozisis | Drop by Drop - A yummy dry white wine from one of the oldest organic producers in Greece. Clean, citrusy, a bit sharp (in a good way), that rounds out a touch at the end. It begs for lots of garlic!

Smith Story | Sauvignon Blanc - Easily a favorite Sauvignon Blanc from California – and beyond. Husband and wife team, Ali and Eric Story, have managed to make a Sauv Blanc that captures the flavors of three regions in the same glass.

Christina | Skin Contact Chardonnay - Buttercream, kumquat toast, and orange peel. There is a hint of baked apple and soft baking spice too – this wine is the brilliance of defining your own style.

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