Les Terres Blanches
Anjou Demon

Les Terres Blanches Anjou Demon

A flirtatious wine for the Cabernet fan

Wow, this wine sings! Rich, smoky, graphite, and candy. Sound like a trip? It’s one you must try. A huge burst of violets, then the seriousness sets in with some leathery goodness and a razor straight backbone that lifts the whole wine up. This wonderful Cabernet Franc hails from the Loire Valley. Although Cabernet Franc is known as a noble grape in Bordeaux, the Loire Valley (just to the west) is where it really shines on its own. This bottling is passionately natural from a tiny village with only two wineries.


Cabernet Franc


Anjou, Loire Valley, France



Our Best Advice

A great chance to explore a classic Loire Valley Cabernet Franc

Delicious With

Superb with a range of peppered and spiced charcuterie, aged goat cheeses, braised pork dishes (like shoulder), and grilled hanger steak. It’s a nice reprieve from a heavier Cabernet Sauvignon, if you need something a bit more medium-bodied with your dish.

Their Cred

The former owner of the Terres Blanches estate was a passionate farmer and winemaker without any children. As is the tradition in most wine regions, the estate would have been passed down to family members. When interested winemakers, Celine and Benoît Ble, came along inquiring to purchase the vineyards and winery, the owner refused to sell unless they came to live and work on the land for a minimum of two years. Celine and Benoît agreed, and after their time building their knowledge and proving their love for the property, the owner finally sold in a very fair deal. The passion and history in this wine are palpable.

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