Les Équilibristes
Pic Poul

Les Équilibristes Pic Poul

An elevated French Riviera classic

Picpoul is a very old Southern French grape variety, popular for its energetic and sometimes nervy character. Popular in beach towns along the Riviera, its bright, citrusy notes make it a perfect cocktail wine. This version, from a very exciting natural wine producer in Languedoc, really amps up what Picpoul can be. It’s not only refreshing, but due to the vineyard’s location, these grapes hang on the vine a touch longer, adding a welcomed complexity to this otherwise very quaffable wine.




Languedoc, France



Our Best Advice

Rediscover this classic French poolside wine

Delicious With

Fried calamari is so delicious with this wine! Great with an array of light seafood and bright refreshing salads, this wine is like the hint of lemon you need with just about anything.

Their Cred

Les Équilibristes, translated as ‘The Tightrope Walkers’, is a project from winemakers Francois de Monval and Florent Girou. Together they produce one-of-a-kind, quirky cuvées from small estate vineyards. Their central focus is to seek wines that possess ‘équilibre’, or balance.  Each year, they select organic grapes that express a clear identity and sense of place. De Monval and Girou practice minimal intervention winemaking with little to no added sulfur in their wines.

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