Sparkling Rosé

L’archetipo Sparkling Rosé

Your summer sparkling rosé on repeat

This is everything you want in a sparkling rosé – explosive, red berry fruit wrapped in rose petals, bursting with tiny, soft bubbles in a clean, vibrant, energetic beverage that keeps you coming back for more. From likely the most natural, organic, biodynamic, sustainable wine producer you may ever try, this wine is not only delicious, but part of a growing movement to restore vitality to the vineyards of Italy.




Puglia, Italy



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Delicious With

Delicious with cheese and charcuterie, and all the classic accoutrements. Much like a light, dry Lambrusco, this wine is low in tannins, with a delicate fruit character that pairs nicely with anything salty, creamy, or zesty – salami, cheese, and pickled goodies.

Their Cred

L’archetipo is run by Francesco Valentino, the son of a grape farmer, who has been working a vineyard since he was born. After attending university he became passionate agronomist. In the 80’s Francesco began to convert his land to organic farming, but he found that the land still lacked vitality. In 2000, he implemented biodynamic farming according to Rudolf Steiner’s cultural legacy. After few years of biodynamic farming, he realized that there was still work to be done. Francesco went further and finally implemented a sustainable agriculture, in which all synergies in the ecosystem are linked, known now as Synergistic Agriculture. This incorporates organic and biodynamic agricultures, and discourages ploughing, which is considered a detrimental to the ecosystem. Francesco is now at the forefront of the sustainable agriculture movement in Italy, and believes, unlike popular misconception, that living beings are not in competition but, on the contrary, they are in synergy between each other.

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