L’archetipo Primitivo

Your soulful, southern Italian cousin

They say the Primitivo grape is the ancestor to the modern day Zinfandel. Think of this grape like a soulful cousin from southern Italy – full of life, sun-leather tan, and always cooking something that deliciously fills the room. This wine is big and gripping like raisinated black cherries or plums stewed down to a rich syrup. It’s rustic with a touch of leathery goodness.




Puglia, Italy



Our Best Advice

Keep this on hand for any weeknight meal

Delicious With

Fabulous with rich meaty dishes like grilled hanger steak or merguez sausages. Try with hearty Italian vegetarian classics like eggplant parmigiana or mushroom risotto. This wine is rich in tannins that take on a smooth chocolatey feel in the mouth, so try pairing this with a mole or balsamic glaze for a warm, rich combination.

Their Cred

The winemaker, Francesco Dibenedetto, is an evangelist for restorative farming. He respects the symbiosis of the entire ecosystem and endeavors to bring the soil back to its natural richness by respecting the plants, insects, animals, and other native bacterium. His approach in the cellar is also minimal. The wines are never fined or filtered (nothing taken out) to highlight the native grapes and growing region. These wines are alive.

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