Greco Bianco

L’archetipo Greco Bianco

A beginner’s orange wine

This wine is (ever so slightly) orange, from Italy, no one knows about it, and it’s so crisp and clean, that it drinks like an aperitif. For any Pinot Grigio fan looking for something new or for the orange-curious, and anyone who takes the time to smell the flowers — this jumps out of the glass with a beautiful perfume, and way overdelivers with a silky mouthfeel and crisp finish.

**Serve Chilled**


Greco Bianco


Puglia, Italy



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Enjoy your escape to the sea

Delicious With

Pairs with a seafood tower. You know the fancy tower of oysters, cold-cracked crab, shrimp cocktail, urchin, clams, and bounty of the sea? You should chill this down and bring it to your next tower experience. If that’s not in the cards right now, drink with a tuna sandwich or any shrimp number you’re making tonight.

Their Cred

The winemaker, Francesco Dibenedetto, is an evangelist for restorative farming. He respects the symbiosis of the entire ecosystem and endeavors to bring the soil back to its natural richness by respecting the plants, insects, animals, and other native bacterium. His approach in the cellar is also minimal. The wines are never fined or filtered (nothing taken out) to highlight the native grapes and growing region. These wines are alive.

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