Jumbo Time Wines
Orange is the New White

Jumbo Time Wines Orange is the New White

If a grapefruit married a chai tea

A tropical orange wine made from biodynamically-grown skin-contact Pinot Gris (where the orange color comes from), and directly pressed Chardonnay and Pinot Blanc (a.k.a. made the usual way). Soft, luminescent in color and wildly fragrant – chai spices and creamsicle. Reminds us of Oro Blanco grapefruit rind and Bergamot iced tea. The Chardonnay gives the wine a nice softness. The Pinot Blanc gives a nice crunch and hint of green fruit (think pineapple, guava, and Turkish figs). Made by two friends obsessed with natural wines and curious about the potential of California’s bounty of gorgeous fruit.


Pinot Gris (skin contact), Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc


Mendocino, California



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Delicious With

Orange wines are a fun new category of wines to pair – and each one is different depending on the grape varieties involved. This softer-style orange wine is great with well-flavored dishes like curry, or bibimbap. It’s great for the nights you just want to open the spice cabinet and experiment. Also good with dark leafy greens, ground beef or lamb, and surprisingly with mashed potatoes.

Their Cred

Jumbo Time Wines are made from organic grapes grown in Mendocino, California and with no intervention – a.k.a. these wines are uber natural and full of fresh character.  This project was started by wine and food-loving friends, Jonathan Yadegar and Omar Koukaz in 2020, alongside winemaker Jason Charles (who has his own natural wine project called Vinca Minor – another of our favorites!) As people who like to eat, they wanted to make something representative of their love for gathering around a table. As their first vintage unfolds, we are here to support (and enjoy!) these beautiful newcomers to the wine scene.

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