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First Timers

Jumbo Times First Timers

A chilled red so fresh it feels like a first

Watermelon rind and just under-ripe strawberry. It’s like Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice and maybe even some Wild Raspberry Sour Straws on the finish, with a refreshing wave of liveliness and enough fruit to let you know this was grown in the California sunshine. An organic wine perfect for the chilled-red-curious, looking for something fresh, dry, bursting with flavor, and best served cold. The double entendre here refers both to Jumbo Time’s first wine release (their entrée into the world of natural wine making) and to the gateway-style freshness of this wine. At only 12% alcohol, this is the wine you want to drink all afternoon!


Carignan, Grenache





Our Best Advice

Get in on these newcomers with a bright future!

Delicious With

This is a snack-type of wine. Great with platters of fruit (watermelon of course), Prosciutto, light milky cheeses like buffalo mozzarella, nuts, olives, potato chips, or crudités. Wines like this one are easy to drink all day, so we love to keep some finger foods around to model the Europeans and enjoy both the sipping and snacking.

Their Cred

Jumbo Time Wines are made from organic grapes grown in Mendocino, California and with no intervention – a.k.a. these wines are uber natural and full of fresh character.  This project was started by wine and food-loving friends, Jonathan Yadegar and Omar Koukaz in 2020, alongside winemaker Jason Charles (who has his own natural wine project called Vinca Minor – another of our favorites!) As people who like to eat, they wanted to make something representative of their love for gathering around a table. As their first vintage unfolds, we are here to support (and enjoy!) these beautiful newcomers to the wine scene.

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