J Brix
Carbonic Merlot

J Brix Carbonic Merlot

A Nouveau Merlot

With only 120 cases made, this wine is full of fruit with tarts.

In their words, “This wine was an idea that we manifested for the first time in 2017 in the hope that it might actually work (it did!). We now have the second vintage of a fully carbonic, neutral-French-oak-aged organic California Merlot. Inspired by Cru Beaujolais (the most premium of Beaujolais wines), and constrained by no rules about what we couldn’t do, well, we did it again. It defies easy description…”

**Serve Chilled**




Santa Ynez, California



Our Best Advice

Enjoy like a Nouveau Merlot

$ 28


Delicious With

We really like this at cocktail hour. It’s delish with bar snacks both pub-like or fancy. Pretzels, spiced nuts, olives of any kind, or a cheese plate.

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