Honeybear Orchard
Pét Nat

Honeybear Orchard Pét Nat

Straight up 7-Up with a naturally deep finish

Straight up 7-Up on the nose! Or maybe Squirt (depending on the lemon/lime soda of your youth). Wonderfully fresh and vibrant, bursting with bitter orange marmalade, lemongrass, and a touch of hazelnut. This wine is naturally fermented and carbonated with nothing added to the freshly pressed Chenin Blanc grapes. From a small family-owned vineyard in Los Olivos, California, the property is a working orchard with over a dozen different fruit varieties growing next to their vineyards.


Chenin Blanc


Buellton, California



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A nice way to turn your beer friends into wine friends

Delicious With

This wine drinks almost like a refreshing beer in its depth of flavor and cleansing carbonation. Pair with orchard fruits and cheese. Great with cheesy risotto and anything with parmesan. Great with nuts or nutty flavors and can stand up to pickled foods well due to the beer and cider-like qualities.

Their Cred

Honeybear Orchard and Vineyard is a working farm, where husband and wife, Jim Tauber and Laura Newman, grow Cabernet, Cabernet Franc and Chenin Blanc grapes, as well as fruit and olive trees, jojoba bushes, and lots of native plants. They farm sustainably and organically and make their own natural Chenin Blanc wines.  The grounds at Honeybear were originally an organic jojoba farm 40+ years ago. Cultivated and farmed by a peace activist, Jim and Laura were drawn not only to the splendor of the location, but the meaning behind nurturing this soil. They have committed themselves to repopulating the native plant habitat so the grounds are covered in California natives… fairy duster, redbud, desert willow, sages, salvias, buckwheat, mallow, and native grasses.

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