California Rosé

Halcyon California Rosé

Made for every chips-and-salsa fan

From a husband and wine team - two humans obsessed with this one grape variety. Our first impressions of this wine were ‘Unexpected, strawberry salsa’. Then a note that just says, ‘holy sh*t, I need more of this’. This wine is a masterful California flavor profile – it’s jalapeño, green pepper, strawberry salsa. Kinda like a poblano wrapped in rose petals. It’s a crew neck sweatshirt and flip flops on the windy beach – brisk, a touch of salt, with a warm layer of sand just under the wind-chilled top drift. It’s both bone chilling and soul warming. Truly, an unforgettable wine. Like nothing else we’ve had before in the best way possible.


Cabernet Franc


El Dorado (east of Sacramento) and Contra Costa County (east of Oakland), California



Our Best Advice

Drink chilled, but not freezing cold

Delicious With

It’s best to try this wine with tortilla chips and salsa fresca or anything with loads of fresh jalapeño and raw bellpepper, at least once. There’s a scientific reason for this pairing, and for the distinct green pepper flavor in the wine. An organic compound found in grapes, called pyrazines, give a fresh green pepper aroma and flavor, especially when the grapes come from a cooler climate or are picked early, before the sugars fully develop and overpower the pyrazine flavors in the fruit. This Cabernet Franc has a gorgeous ‘green’ flavor, balanced by bushels of ripe strawberry - a very rare and perfect pairing with ripe fruit and fresh raw vegetables.

Their Cred

This husband and wife team, Tyler and Kim Elwell, make every style of wine from this one grape variety: Cabernet Franc. They’re obsessed with the possibilities of this grape, known mostly for it’s appearance in Bordeaux and Loire Valley wines of France. But these two lovebirds…they artfully make every style, a sparkling, white, rosé, and red from Cabernet Franc. Sourcing from sustainable vineyards all over Cali, they find the best fruit for each style. They live in Napa, make wine in Sonoma, and this is only their side gig. With ‘regular’ jobs in the wine and media space, they are killing it with their ‘hobby.’ #lifegoals

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