Cabernet Franc (White)

Halcyon Cabernet Franc (White)

White wine made from Cabernet Franc grapes

Making a white wine with red wine grapes does two things: introduces new and unexpected flavors for a white wine and shows a different side of the commonly known red grape variety - because the grapes are picked at a different time than they would if they were being used to make a red wine. (i.e. a white wine made from Cab, doesn’t just taste like a Cab if you close your eyes). It’s this whole new flavor experience. This tastes like a crafted cocktail made by a hipster bartender when you order ‘something delicious, but not sweet. A citrusy drink, with tons of lime and a kick to it. Yeah, floral is good too.’


Cabernet Franc (white)


Contra Costa County, California (east of Oakland)



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Re-frame your idea of white wine

Delicious With

Spring has sprung with this one! Scour the garden, farmers market, or herb pots in search of ingredients. Fresh lemony pesto pasta. Seared, steamed, or poached white fish with tons of herbs, citrus, and spring veggies. Exotic pickles are fun here, like watermelon rind or even your fave bread-and-butter variety. Any tart, fresh ingredient with aromatic herbs and bright straight-from-the-earth flavor will do well.

Their Cred

This husband and wife team, Tyler and Kim Elwell, make every style of wine from this one grape variety: Cabernet Franc. They’re obsessed with the possibilities of this grape, known mostly for its appearance in Bordeaux and Loire Valley wines of France. But these two lovebirds artfully make every style - a sparkling, white, rosé, and red - from Cabernet Franc. Sourcing from sustainable vineyards all over California, they find the best fruit for each style. They live in Napa, make wine in Sonoma, and this is only their side gig. With ‘regular’ jobs in the wine and media space, they are killing it with their ‘hobby.’ #lifegoals

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