Furlani Antico

Rustic orange from biodynamic royalty

Super earthy and dry. Tastes like toasted almond skins, with a bright acidity. This is a skin-contact wine that stays fresh, even with the added earthiness from the skins. (Skin contact or orange wine means the wine was made while soaking on the grape skins, white grapes in this case. Which until more recently was not as common to American wine drinkers.) Nosiola is a grape typically used to make a sweet wine from the region, Vino Santo, but has in more recent decades been used to make dry white wines that are soft, nutty and floral.

This is a very rustic sparkling Pet-Nat (naturally fermented with native yeasts), that is crazy earthy on its own and gorgeous as a base for a wine cocktail mixed with your sparkling fruit soda of choice.




Trentino-Alto Adige, Italy



Our Best Advice

Mix with San Pellegrino Blood Orange Soda for a refreshing wine cocktail

Delicious With

This wine is so earthy that it works well with rustic flavors and winter produce like squash, mushrooms, and dark leafy greens. As a cocktail, this wine can be the base for a mixture with complex flavors – try with fresh ginger, bitters, and kick it up with a Compari-like spirit. Or keep it light and fresh with a natural fruit flavored soda.

Their Cred

Furlani Antico Frizzante is a natural, sparkling wine made using the ancestral method from biodynamic, organic grapes in Trentino-Alto Adige, Northern Italy. Furlani Antico Frizzante is unfiltered with absolutely no sulfur added. The wines are fermented in cement tanks or small glass vessels in their natural environments with native yeasts. This natural fermentation process makes this a Pet-Nat (a naturally sparkling wine.)

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