Fernweh Kontakt

Like a ripe summer peach right off the tree

This wine bursts with flavor! Like a summer peach right off the tree, dripping with juice – a little savory earthiness from the delicate fuzzy skin, yet bright and round with richness. A fruity and floral nose of honeysuckle and hard orange candy invite you into this skin ‘Kontakt’ white wine. It’s like toasted brioche covered in peach or apricot jam with a tangy Greek yogurt drizzle. This biodynamic white finishes like white peach tea with a hint of salinity. Only 60 cases made – you need to try this wine!


Grenache Blanc


Alisos Canyon, CA



Our Best Advice

Enjoy on hot summer days

Delicious With

The flavors of this wine are reminiscent of a springtime brunch. Pair this with goat cheese drizzled in thyme-infused honey, savory Prosciutto-wrapped melon, fresh peach compote over ricotta toast, or anything that does well drenched in sticky sweet stone fruit. Savory dishes that brighten with a little fruit are nice – like Moroccan-inspired tagine with nuts and dried apricot, or Sicilian-braised meats with olives and dried fruit. 

Their Cred

Fernweh, /’fern-vee’/ noun (German) from Fern (“far”) +‎ Weh (“pain”). Can be literally translated as “farsickness” or longing for far-off places. An aching for travel, exploration and the unknown. These wines are inspired by travel and everyday adventures - driven by daydreams and the belief that anything is possible. The grapes are sourced from biodynamic farms in Santa Barbara County. The wine is a new project from Sebastian Lowa, a German expat, who found his love of wine while camping and surfing up the California Coast with his wife Claire. Every bottle bursts with adventure and cures the longing for a new experience. 

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