Fakin Malvazija

Like lemongrass and kumquat angel food cake

Crisp doesn’t even begin to describe how bright and instantly invigorating this wine is. It’s like walking outside into the cold air after you’ve layered up and are just started to get too warm. This wine brings you back to life, awakens your senses and takes you on a tart and nuanced flavor journey. Lemongrass and kumquat angel food cake, almond, with a hint of allspice.


Malvazija Istarska (related to Malvasia in Italy)


Motovun, Croatia



Our Best Advice

For all your Pinot Grigio fans (or just looking for deliciously crisp white)

Delicious With

This light and versatile wine pairs wonderfully with foods found on the Istarska peninsula of Croatia. So think – fresh grilled seafood dishes, fresh oysters, chicken salads, risottos and pastas.

Their Cred

The Fakin wines are the result of a long family tradition, extensive knowledge, and a very special terroir. Motovun is the meeting point of the Mediterranean and continental climates, creating an environment that enhances the aromatics of the wines. Fakin is a young winemaker who has a great passion for his vines and grapes. The quality and value of his wines is hard to match.

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