Espuma de Piedra
Sparkling White

Espuma de Piedra Sparkling White

Fresh bubbles without the bite

This wine comes from the very dry region of Valle de Guadalupe on the Baja peninsula of Mexico. Groundwater is a scarce resource, resulting in a high salt content in the soil. You can almost taste the salt that balances this juicy sparkling wine. Considered a Blanc de Noir, or a ‘white wine from red grapes’, this sparkling has the faintest hue of pink – almost undetectable. But the flavor is all Barbera, a red grape originally from Northern Italy. Like a traditional dry sparkling wine with a touch of Bing cherry syrup. Fresh, crisp, and full of fruit.




Valle de Guadalupe, Baja, Mexico



Our Best Advice

Great for anyone who finds sparkling wine too sharp

Delicious With

Although this wine is from Mexico, its roots are in Northern Italy, where they make a small amount of lightly sparkling Barbera similar to this one. The juicy fruit character makes it a great companion for salty cheese and charcuterie, as well as some richer meat-based pasta sauces, cheesy lasagna or creamy casseroles. Great with corn bread!

Their Cred

Casa de Piedra was born as a family-inspired project in 1997. The main idea was and always will be to obtain wines that are characterized by their ‘origin’. In their wines, they have sought to show the elements that make up the place where the grapes are grown. By maintaining a scale that allows them to take care of each bottle and showcase the personality of the land it comes from, their commitment is to translate the tastes and experiences of the land they live in through the wines they offer.

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