Ermes Pavese
Blanc de Morgex

Ermes Pavese Blanc de Morgex

Melted Alpine snow

A stunning, almost crystalline wine is from the highest vineyard site in Europe. This austere, racy, mineral white wine is vivacious and lengthy. Made from the native grape variety, Prié Blanc (one of the oldest varieties in Italy), Ermes Pavese has bottled a wine as pure as melted Alpine snow - a kaleidoscope of white flowers, pluots, and wet stone. The Vallée d’Aoste region is thrilling, situated in northwestern Italy between Switzerland and France, the valley lies beneath some of Europe’s tallest peaks –  ice-capped Mont Blanc and the Matterhorn. 


Prié Blanc


Vallée d’Aoste, France



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Experience the Alps in one glass

Delicious With

Beautiful with aged Alpine cheeses like Comté, Gruyère, Emmental, Fontina, Asiago, Taleggio. Also nice with risottos and cold potato leek soup. Very versatile with light, flaky fish and simple chicken dishes. 

Their Cred

Ermes Pavese is a young grower in the region of La Ruine just outside of the town of Morgex in the high Alps minutes from the Alpine summit of Mont Blanc. Pavese grows the native grape known as Prié Blanc. Starting with barely two hectares of vineyards, Pavese has gradually expanded his holdings in this high-altitude zone. Coming from the highest vineyard site in Europe, Pavese has delivered a wine that naturally reflects the terrain.

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