Ella Pinot Noir

Dunites Ella Pinot Noir

The ‘white wine’ side of Pinot

This wine aims to show the playful side of Pinot Noir. From a husband-and-wife winemaking team, this wine is a blend of white Pinot Noir (directly pressed without skin contact) and red Pinot Noir (more traditionally made to impart color, tannin, and flavor from the skins). Meant to be drunk chilled like a white wine, the ‘Ella’ Pinot Noir is like violets and cranberry, with a tartness that begs for sunny hot days, and dramatic landscapes. 


Pinot Noir


San Luis Obispo, CA



Our Best Advice

Drink chilled

Delicious With

Drink with anything tart for a very refreshing meal that wakes your senses – fresh goat cheese, salads with crisp dressing, vinegar-based BBQ sauce (yeah Carolinas, we see you), even a good Hot and Sour soup. For a nice contrast, pair with simply cooked proteins – roast chicken, grilled fish, baked tofu – to add a brightness that the dish needs. 

Their Cred

Dunites is a small winery named after an eclectic group of 1930s metropolitan refugees known as the Dunites, who settled in the beach dunes of San Luis Obispo county. This group proudly described themselves as a collection of free thinkers, artists, nudists, and poets who generally allowed one another to live and express themselves freely outside of the cultural norms of the time. Dunites Wine Co. draws inspiration from the remote beauty of the coastal dunes and the progressive ambition of the Dunites. Tyler and Rachel, husband and wife team, combine their experiences from over a dozen wineries and vineyards around the world where the people, cultures, and wines have influenced their approach. Each bottle features a clip from the Dunites’ 1930s local publication.

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