Dominio del Urogallo
La Fanfarria

Dominio del Urogallo La Fanfarria

Inky wine with a friendly touch

When thinking about the Spring Collection, this was the first wine that came to mind. It’s the perfect transition out of the winter – into the freshness that is spring. Big and inky in color, round and full in the mouth, then bursting with new young fruit, not overripe or dried fruit, but a fresh-picked kind with a certain vibrant, high-tone flavor to it. There is a candy note here – imagine if a pot of liquid red candy were to spill over freshly laid asphalt. Or instead of a candy apple, you were to bite into a candy covered stone blackberry. You just need to try this one to understand…




Asturias, Spain (on the coast of northern-most part of Spain)



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Delicious With

There’s an earthy everyday vibe to this wine, so think healthy comfort food like warm salads or grain bowls, sheep’s milk cheeses like Manchego, casual tomato-based pizza or pasta dishes, or any kind of simple grilled meats. It might get lost in overly spiced or heavily flavored dishes, so let the main ingredients shine and the wine will sing too.

Their Cred

Dominio del Urogallo is a small estate set up on Spain’s northern coast by the pioneer Fran Asencio.  He also makes wine in Bierzo and the Sherry Triangle.  This winemaker has an intense personality, plus a willingness to produce the kind of wines he loves – refined, aromatic and pure.  He has accomplished in Asturias a respect for the symbioses between the soil, the climate and the local grapes.  He cultivates the vineyards on steep slopes following the process of biodynamic viticulture and produces his wines in the most natural way.  The region of Asturias is intensely defined by monastic tradition, native grape varieties, and ancient vineyards.

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