Domaine Les 4 Vents
Les Pitchounettes Rouge

Domaine Les 4 Vents Les Pitchounettes Rouge

A by-the-fire Syrah

Fire up the barbeque (or your fancy Green Egg smoker), because this wine is meant for the grill. A beautiful inky, garnet-colored wine – like bramble berries right off the vine, crushed rose petals, and violet flowers smothered over smooth granite and charcoal briquets. The punchy berries mixed with this smoky intensity makes for a crackling wine that pairs with meat off the grill and bear-skin rugs.




Crozes-Hermitage, Northern Rhône, France



Our Best Advice

Great for late nights

Delicious With

Barbequed or smoked meats like brisket, lamb, or crispy skin chicken. Adds a nice brightness to heavier sides like creamy polenta, buttery mashed potatoes, or creamed spinach. Can stand up to lots of herbs and big umami flavors like stewed tomatoes or roasted mushrooms.

Their Cred

Domaine les 4 Vents is owned and operated by sisters, Lucie Fourel and Nancy Cellier. Lucie is a young winemaker, who in 2006 took over a small vineyard in Crozes-Hermitage from her parents with the idea of making wines under her own label. In 2013, her sister Nancy decided to join the family business and the domaine name was changed to Domaine les 4 Vents (the name of the Auberge that Lucie and Nancy’s great grandparents owned next door). In 2015, Lucie and Nancy inherited the rest of the vineyard from their parents. Before returning to the family estate, Lucie spent a few years as an apprentice with different wineries in the Rhône Valley during which time she developed her philosophy and practices for natural vinification. The domaine has both organic and biodynamic certifications. Lucie does not use any sulfur during the winemaking process and adds a minimal dose only just before bottling. The wines are fermented using only indigenous yeasts.

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