Domaine du Temps
Sans Ordonnance

Domaine du Temps Sans Ordonnance

A love letter to France

Have you ever had someone from NY recommend a good Cote-du-Rhone to you? Or any French wine for that matter? You probably only knew Napa, Sonoma, or maybe Australian wines at the time. And then this hip friend turned you on to something European and you were hooked… but also never found it again? Behold, the return of that amazing French gateway wine. This is what to recommend to ANYONE looking for something French, but they mostly drink from Napa. You know the type.

This wine is organic, made by a female winemaker, and there are literally no excuses not to love this.


Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot


Languedoc, France



Our Best Advice

If room temp, pop in the fridge for 20 mins before drinking. Trust us!

$ 22


Delicious With

This wine is French, but from the South, where its warm, so the grapes get ripe. This leads to big, plush wines. Great for Cab and Merlot, if you want a wine ready to drink. This wine follows traditional pairings for Cab, Merlot, or Bordeaux or red blends, but it has a very distinct savory quality that makes it wonderful with umami Asian ingredients like soy or miso. It can also handle some zing and spice, so think ginger miso glaze, or Korean style BBQ sauce.

Their Cred

This small, under-the-radar estate is helmed by female winemaker, Lauranne Gobert. Prior to purchasing the domaine, Gobert worked with famed Burgundian producer Frederic Cossard. She translates elegant structure and a low-intervention ethos to the Languedoc region, where she makes refined and graceful wines with no added sulfur.

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