Domaine du Temps
La Combe du Temps

Domaine du Temps La Combe du Temps

Red wine perfume, with a punch

This is a wine so fresh, so bursting with aroma, it must be wine perfume. A delicate technique called ‘whole-cluster fermentation’ is used to create the nuanced and unaltered flavors that scream – rose petal,  smashed strawberries, and crushed stone. Bright and friendly at first, then serious before it goes. Wines from this female winemaker, Lauranne Gobert, are absolute unicorns – never been seen before, feel like a figment of our imagination because they reach such heights of natural perfection. If you had the rare chance to try the Sans Ordonnance (from our 2020 Fall Collection) from this same producer, you know what we mean. Grab this wine, while you can – it’s never around for long, but oh when it is… extraordinary.


Grenache, Merlot


Languedoc, France



Our Best Advice

Try this while it’s still available!

Delicious With

‘Garrigue’ is a term used to describe a collection of Mediterranean herbs, thyme, rosemary, sage and lavender (in Provence) that grow wild in the South of France, particularly in the Languedoc. It’s fun to use this as a base for pairing ideas. Hearty stews, cassoulet. Braised lamb, or herby grilled fish.

Their Cred

This small, under-the-radar estate is helmed by Lauranne Gobert. Prior to purchasing the domain in 2014, Gobert worked with famed Burgundian winemaker, Frederic Cossard. She translates his elegant structure and low-intervention ethos to the Languedoc, where she makes refined and graceful wines with absolutely no added sulfur.

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