Domaine de la Mongestine
Bob Singlar

Domaine de la Mongestine Bob Singlar

Southern French bistro wine

This light bodied wine with slight raspberry hints is bewitching – smooth, with good intensity; serve chilled and drink with abandon. Everything about this wine is fun – let’s start with the name. Bob Singlar has a double-meaning. 1) refers to the popular French DJ Bob Sinclair that these winemakers listen to and 2) it’s a play on the French or Catalan word for wild boar ‘singlier’ who are an abundant menace in the vineyards feasting on succulent ripe grapes. The wine itself is made from a most uncommon mash up of red (Pinot Noir, Grenache) and white (Marsanne, Roussanne) grapes grown biodynamically in the region. The winemakers are young, bucking the trend of classic blends, and making some of the most exciting natural wines coming out of Southern France today – there’s lots of chatter about them in Paris right now.


Pinot Noir, Marsanne, Roussanne, Grenache


Coteaux d’Aix-en-Provence, France



Our Best Advice

Serve it with a chill for the true bistro experience

Delicious With

Bistro wine must be paired with bistro fare, which delightfully means casual cuisine you would be making at home. Simple steak and potatoes or fries, pasta, pizza, roasted veggies, light, simple vegetable soups.  This is the best wine for a scrounge night (when you open the fridge and cupboard to create something new with what you have).

Their Cred

Situated in Coteaux d’Aix-en-Provence, in France, Domaine de la Mongestine is a young estate pursuing organic viticulture with biodynamic principles.  This is a rarity in their region that is known for mass produced Rosé for easy poolside drinking.  The owners Harry and Celine Gozlan embarked on this project focused on organic farming and making wines simply, without intervention.  The estate was certified organic in 2014 and is now undergoing the process of transition to fully biodynamic viticulture.

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