Didier Montchovet
Crémant de Bourgogne

Didier Montchovet Crémant de Bourgogne

Like morning toast

A crémant is a sparkling wine made in France, but outside the Champagne region. The word crémant translates to “creamy,” referring to the sensation of tiny bubbles in your mouth, making the liquid feel almost foamy, light, and mouth-coating. This crémant is like morning toast with butter. The crusty kind of bread you want to consume by the loaf. With butter that has a taste – the kind that has a slight saltiness and a rich cultured depth of flavor.


Chardonnay, Aligoté


Hautes-Côtes de Beaune, Burgundy, France



Our Best Advice

Keep on hand – you never know when you might feel like celebrating

Delicious With

Perfect with toast – of course. Delicious with soups and brothy dishes that require a crusty loaf for dipping. Also great with anything starchy and salty. Potato chips, fries, tater tots. Or go fancy with bellinis, crème fraîche, and a salty caviar. A great start to the meal, or the evening, or the morning…

Their Cred

Didier Montchovet is known for his use of organics and biodynamics in the region – capturing rainwater, composting in the vineyards, and using gravity-led wine pumps in the cellar. Montchovet makes honest, vibrant wines, in a most traditional way; in rhythm with the natural environment. His vineyards have been biodynamic since 1989 – resulting in wines that sing with energy.

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