Didier Montchovet

Didier Montchovet Aligoté

Like Chardonnay, but crisper

Drinking white Burgundy is in our blood as Californians. We go way back with the stuff. Well, at least back to the 80’s when we couldn’t get enough of it. So, we have either survived on it or were born from it, either way it’s a part of our DNA. This wine, however, is not Chardonnay. Aligoté is the other white wine grape in Burgundy and it brings its incredibly friendly personality to the table. It’s bright, with tons of green apple and minerality. Aged in neutral oak, this wine is easy to drink, but complex when you pay attention.




Burgundy, France



Our Best Advice

Keep this in the fridge for dinner parties

Delicious With

This is the type of wine you want to cocktail with. It’s gorgeous on its own, but also pairs with pretty much anything on a cheese platter. The citrus and crisp apple flavors go well with younger, fresh cheeses like fromage frais, curd cheese, fresh goat cheese, Mozzarella, Feta. The more serious side of this wine is a bit baked and earthy to stand up to a Brie, Camembert, or even Gruyère.

Random discovery – it’s great with Amy’s Organic Chicken Pot Pie. But you have to warm it in the oven verses the microwave. The pairing is ruined if you don’t put in the time to oven-heat the frozen pot pie. Aligoté is also the traditional wine for a Kir cocktail – so break out the Crème de Cassis.

Their Cred

Monchovet is eponymous for his use of biodynamics in the region; from rainwater capturing and composting in the fields, to eschewing the use of pumps for his gravity-led processes in the cellar.

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