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A Pinot Noir-like Zin

Total elegance! This wine is restrained in the way a first date feels. A good first date. Instant attraction, intriguing mystery. It keeps you genuinely interested in the flavors unfolding and wanting more. You don’t want this wine to end. It redefines the way we think of Zinfandel, which can sometimes be a heavier fruit bomb with a thick texture; this wine is not that. This is a cool-climate wine, aka brighter acidity, less ripe fruit flavors, and generally a more restrained style. Made by the famed winemaker of Turley, who was classically trained in France by the world’s best, this Zinfandel is made more like a Pinot Noir from Burgundy or a cool Northern Rhone Syrah.




Sonoma, California



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Delicious With

Zinfandel is like a southern Italian meal. The grape is actually a cousin to an Italian grape named Primitivo, but is grown almost exclusively in the US. So, it’s fun to venture beyond the typical “American” fare here and take inspiration from some more Mediterranean flavors. This pairs with those meals you get in Southern Italy that blow your mind, but still cost less than your train ticket there. Spaghetti with succulent meatballs, sausage and beans, or even more Sicilian inspired dishes with dried fruit, like stewed chicken with prunes and green olives.

Their Cred

This wine is a project from Ehren Jordan, former winemaker for Turley Vineyards, one of the most famous Zinfandel producers in the country. Jordan is extraordinarily passionate about Zinfandel and old vine varietals and has dedicated his winemaking career to these. This particular project is from cool-climate, organic vineyards in Sonoma - from historic vineyards in Russian River Valley, Dry Creek, and Alexander Valley. He uses all native yeasts to spontaneously ferment and basically makes this wine like a Pinot Noir, using mostly neutral French Oak, which lets the grape really shine without being masked by tons of new (more flavorful) oak.

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