Sauvignon Blanc

Coquelicot Sauvignon Blanc

A plump Winter Sauv Blanc

Perfectly tart and so juicy it feels like stone fruit dripping down your chin. The winemaker is meticulous about farming organically, adding nothing, and still managing to make a pure-as-ice, crystal clear Sauvignon Blanc, with a richness that makes it feel right for the season. There is a clean crispness that still comes through – everything you would want in a Sauv Blanc, then the ripeness comes through and it sings ‘late harvest’.


Sauvignon Blanc


Santa Barbara, California



Our Best Advice

So ripe this will last from appetizers to main course

Delicious With

Fresh goat cheese of any kind is this wine’s perfect pairing. The tartness of the cheese and the wine are an ideal match. They bring out the rich fruit flavors in the wine and seem to layer right on top of the creaminess – like a delicious jam, atop chèvre, on crusty toast.

Their Cred

Sourced solely from their certified organic estate vineyard, Coquelicot makes natural wine that’s a true expression of varietal and vintage. During the winemaking process, they don’t use any harsh chemicals and use only using a minimal amount of sulfur - just enough to preserve the freshness of the wine. And in some cases when the PH is right, they are not using any at all. They’ve brought “minimalism” and biodynamics to the region – making authentic wine, without manipulation.

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