Constantina Sotelo
Aquelarre Sparkling Red

Constantina Sotelo Aquelarre Sparkling Red

Sparkling dry watermelon Jolly Rancher

A total party wine – tart with tons of crunchy bubbles, watermelon Jolly Rancher dusted with a touch of white pepper and a bit of cranberry sauce. This female winemaker became a fast favorite of ours when we tried her white wines and learned of her singular obsession with the Albariño grape (she only makes wine from this one grape variety). This is the exception to her obsession – she experimented with a native grape variety, Caiño, to make this sparkling red, and we approve!

Serve chilled.




Rias, Baixas, Spain



Our Best Advice

Spice things up this year and host a pumpkin carving party (and serve this)

Delicious With

Pairs well with earthy, spice, and pepper flavors. The acidity from ingredients like tomatoes and salty bursts from capers, olives or Parmesan cheese are a nice complement to the bright tartness, and earthy cranberry flavors of the wine.

Their Cred

Constantina Sotelo is a female winemaker that’s been making wine for over 20 years. She has created a micro-project that truly stands out from other wineries in the Rias Baixas region of Spain. Working with vines that are over 200 years old, she’s driven by a fascination with the Albariño grape and its relation to different winemaking methods and materials. Sotelo historically produces wines with this one grape varietal in a multitude of different ways – in clay amphora, cement eggs, chestnut barrels, stainless steel tanks – experimenting with every possible winemaking vessel. She is obsessively organic, using absolutely no sulfates, and still manages to produce pristine, stable wines, with brilliant clarity.

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