Guildford Green Wine Club

Guildford Green Wine Club

Like a seasonal produce delivery, but for wine.

Each month, we’ll deliver a new selection of delicious wines from winemakers that we 100% stand behind. We’ll share their story with tips on how to creatively pair each wine. You’ll get to try new stuff and stock up on those bottles you can’t stop telling everyone about. Text us anytime with questions or if you just want to geek out together over your new faves!

How it works

Pick from three different styles - The Classics, Fresh & New, or A Bit of Everything. Then, select how many bottles you’d like to receive each month. We’ll take care of the rest! 

There’s no annual commitment, you can skip a delivery if you’re traveling the world, or opt out any time. 

After being in the wine industry for over 15 years, we’re passionate about continually discovering incredible wines. We’re out there finding our next obsessions (and yours too). We invite you to experience our best finds.

This Season’s Styles

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