Chateau Massiac
Syrah Blend

Chateau Massiac Syrah Blend

Ancient Roman goblet wine

This wine is certified organic and bursting with flavor. Juicy, and yet still dry on the finish, this is everything you want in an uncomplicated, delicious, and fully natural wine. The Syrah creates the structure here – round and firm so you know this isn’t just some syrupy wine imposter. The Grenache adds some of the brightness and fruit notes, with a touch of zippy freshness that is typically called ’minerality’.


Syrah, Grenache


Minervois, France (southwest France, near the northeast border of Spain)



Our Best Advice

The best wine when you need to bring some wine

Delicious With

This wine is so juicy that it will pair nicely with sweet or spicy. Grilled Merguez sausages, smokey bacon, or chanterelle mushrooms in cream. It will cool down spice, temper smokey, or match sweet. Also delicious with BBQed anything, ground beef tacos, and makes a killer wine reduction for any recipe that calls for it.

Their Cred

Bernard Boudouresques, is the proprietor of this rustic estate situated in the heart of the Minervois region in southern France. This ancient and storied winery has been around since the Roman times, then was burned down during the French Revolution. Massiac lies along a series of pleasant, winding country roads and delivers a rewarding simplicity in their wines - lots of character with a strong local identity.

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