Chateau de Chaintres
Les Hirondelles Rosé

Chateau de Chaintres Les Hirondelles Rosé

A deceivingly bold Rosé

Tons of gorgeous strawberry and white cherry fruit bursting out of the glass. Wildly aromatic and deceivingly bold with a hint of white pepper. The light color makes this wine look like an easy afternoon sipper, but this baby will stand up to some bold flavors. 100% Cabernet Franc from the Loire Valley means that this wine can pair with delicate appetizers as well as richly flavored mains.


Cabernet Franc


Saumur Champigny, Loire, France



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Delicious With

Fall flavors are the perfect match with Rosé of many styles, but this one fares particularly well. The fruit in the wine will match cranberry or any dried fruit (dates, prunes, raisins) and the hint of pepper is such a beautiful match to buttery dishes like potatoes, polenta, or ravioli in brown butter. Butternut squash is also a knock out with this wine.

Their Cred

The Château de Chaintres is at the heart of the appellation of Saumur Champigny and there has been a vineyard on this site for over 500 years. The ‘Frères Oratoriens’ (a society of secular priests) bought the site in the 16th Century because of its ideal winemaking conditions – excellent soils and a soft oceanic climate. Since the French Revolution, the vineyard has changed hands many times until 1938 when the de Tigny family took over the site and it has been in their hands ever since. Their primary concern is for the natural biodiversity of their land, getting their organic certification in 2013.

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