Château Argadens
Bordeaux Superieur

Château Argadens Bordeaux Superieur

Classic French bistro dining

Bordeaux wines are very tough to navigate. The immense prestige of the region, the details of the labeling and production requirements, along with vintage and distinction are all very important factors when choosing a bottle.  As we come along this wine journey together, this is a great every day, modern-style Bordeaux. It shows Bordeaux’s well-rounded structure and appeal. 


Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc


Entre-deux-Mers, Bordeaux, France



Our Best Advice

Classic French bistro dining

Delicious With

Bordeaux wines like this bring to mind French bistro fare. Country pâté, a thin cut steak and fries, butter lettuce salad, and chocolate soufflé for dessert. Or whatever steak and potatoes type meal you’re cooking up will work too. 

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