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Darkstar Sparkling Red

Charlie & Echo Darkstar Sparkling Red

Like a full-bodied Lambrusco

Made by a husband and wife team in San Diego, California, Darkstar is a bold move and we’re glad they did it. Styled like a full-bodied Lambrusco, this wine is effervescent, dark red, and dry. This wine is a charcuterie board’s dream, with plush tannins to tenderize the proteins, and velvet scrubbing bubbles to clean the pallet. Serve well-chilled at any point in the meal. This could be sipped with the apps, paired with the main course, or enjoyed on its own after dinner. The carbonation cleanses in a way that makes this wine endlessly sippable.

**Serve Chilled**


Petite Sirah, Syrah, Nebbiolo, Zinfandel


San Diego, California



Our Best Advice

Enjoy all Thanksgiving long

Delicious With

Beef jerky is a revelation with this wine. “Original Flavor” jerky is typically the best – with its soy-sauce-based teriyaki seasoning. The slightly sweet, very savory, dried umami flavors in a good beef jerky bring out all the plush fruit in this deliciously dry peppery wine. Experiment with similar flavors like Hoisin or sweet miso-based marinades. These flavors translate perfectly to vegetarian dishes as well.

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