Charles Bove

Charles Bove Vouvray

The happiest wine on the planet

Feels like it’s dancing along on your tongue with tippy toes, this is the happiest wine on the planet. Zippy, bright, and so light it almost feels effervescent. There is a hint of sweet, so subtle you forget it’s there – but your tastebuds will thank you. From a famous region in France’s Loire Valley, Vouvray is always made with Chenin Blanc and goes remarkably well with cheese or heavily spiced foods.


Chenin Blanc


Vouvray, Loire Valley, France



Our Best Advice

Both a crowd-pleasing and adventurous wine

Delicious With

Perfect with goat cheese – fresh or aged. The wine perfectly matches the tartness and the hint of sweet complements the rich creaminess. Other divine pairings include glazed ham, butternut squash, sushi, anything with ginger, and even spicy foods like Indian curry. 

Their Cred

The Bove family founded their company in the 19th century in the Loire Valley as an underground rock quarry – from which many of the old historical chateaus in the region are built. Consisting of 9 miles of underground cellars, it conveniently hosts a naturally steady temperature of 53 degrees Fahrenheit and an ideal humidity for making and storing wines.

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